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Hunter Woman by 1337gamer15 Hunter Woman by 1337gamer15
Hunter Woman is essentially a more polished version of Search Man, plus she's got an Aussie cork hat. Her stage takes place in the Desert Billabong, filled with swamps and bushes that slow player's movement, animal based enemies, enemies that can camouflage into the scenery (don't worry, they can't hurt you when they're invisible) and even lots of caltrop spike traps.

She fights using similar techniques to Search Man, such has hiding in bushes, then scanning a crosshair on the screen that will trace your movements. If you touch the crosshair, you'll get shot instantly by an unavoidable homing crossbow bolt, so don't touch it. Plus much like Search Man, the bushes she doesn't hide in will contain decoys, but these ones will release thee Pipi birds that chase you instead of exploding. She can also attack by tossing caltrops, or even bear traps that will turn invisible, you must memorize their locations. The bear traps don't hurt, but she'll use them as she hides in the bushes, meaning stepping on one can let her crosshair touch you more easily. The bear traps vanish after the bush attack finishes.

Her weapon is Homing Crossbow, which allows the player to fire a crossbow bolt, that can be charged, to show a crosshair on the nearest enemy, which will home into them once fire.

Profile Time:

The Sharpshooting

Hunter Woman PUN-04

Master of Survival

Bio: Hosts a TV show on wild game hunting, as well as general survival tips for robots who get lost in the wilderness. Never loses track of her prey, following them until the opportunity to kill arises. Can survive in many environments, thanks to her solar panels. She generally reacts quickly to sniping things, and can only rely off the quick blurry silhouette she sees.

Country of Origin: Australia

Weapon: Homing Crossbow

Weakness: Genie Illusion (Genie Man)

Good Point: Adaptable fuel intake

Bad Point: Poor hygiene

Like: Nature

Dislike: City folk

Similars: Search Man, Slash Man, Napalm Man, Plant Man

Energy: Solar Energy

Quote: “See you beyond the black stump, mate!”

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November 12, 2016
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